Are you a Broadcast Television Industry vendor wanting to sell internationally?

We are Beyond Group. A Netherlands based organization working solely and exclusively for European broadcast industry service providers and vendors looking to sell their products to broadcasters worldwide. Here’s a bird’s eye-view of what we can do for you:

  • Research new markets and advise on feasability
  • Find your customers and distributors
  • Negotiate and close deals worldwide

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Beyond Group

How you will benefit

We work for European broadcast tv vendors eyeing new customers worldwide, but who do not have the capital to start their own representative overseas offices.

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Beyond Group

Our Services for you

As a broadcast vendor entering a new market, you need support from local expertise to get your first steps right. This is exactly where Beyond Group can make life easy for you.

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Beyond Group

Why we make the difference

We are the reconnaissance team you need if you want to enter a new market. We know exactly how everything differs from your own region and what works where.

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